Snow, Sleet & Uprooted Trees- Oh My!


See! I told you…

This is the path my dear bro-in-law took me across on the first lap of the 3.5mi loop he showed me. It was pretty brutal weather-wise that day, and as my second lap took me across this field I thought I heard (somehow over the howling wind) a kitten meowing near this tree (it was still standing then). I stopped, pushed around the tall grasses to have a better look, then was off again, convinced there was nothing out of the ordinary.

The next morning I headed out and volia! The sounds were actually coming from the tree. Guess the wind really was howling.

I got some great resistance training all week because the wind didn’t let up until Friday night. I do feel really rested though, since I haven’t done any cross-training at all since Monday, so that’s probably a plus.


About shellyfish

Part punk-rock, part academic, totally vegan, Shellyfish fights to make the world a more compassionate place, hoping to level the playing field for all. Uniting her background in writing and her firm belief that what and how we consume can make or break civilization and the health of our planet. Constantly striving to be a better human, Shellyfish uses her powers for good and not evil as a lanugage teacher by day (and evening), and she spends her 'copious free time' (note: ironic) running, practicing yoga, and striving to become more accomplished in the vegan kitchen. Always wanting to learn new things (currently I'm trying to learn to knit/crochet/sew), Shellyfish loves without restraint her husband Mr. Fish and her daughter, the Guppy, and they live happily together in France.
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