Weekly Totals : January 3 – 9

I had three great strength & abs training sessions last week : Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.  Each time it’s 6 abs exercises, 3xs through, then 12 strength exercises, 3xs through, changing the abs exercises each session.  I would like to perform my strength sessions at the end of the afternoon/early evening, just to re-stoak the metabolism, but I’ve been consistently doing them right after my runs as this seems to be the only way to be sure they get done.

Total Strength Training Time : 2hrs35mins


I punked out of my long run on Sunday as it was my birthday and M. Fish had various things planned and it was easier just to go with the flow and not try to fight against the day – I even got an 1.5hr nap out of the deal! Because I had 14mi/22.5km run that didn’t happen Sunday, my over-all distance is less…oh well.

Total Miles : 40.5 (65km)

I’m really missing speedwork, and know that I need to get some consistent weekly distances (meaning, maintaining at about 60mi/97km) and hold for at least 3 weeks to be sure I don’t injure myself.  Then I can bring back the speed, because if I try to do both I know I’m setting myself up for an injury.


About shellyfish

Part punk-rock, part academic, totally vegan, Shellyfish fights to make the world a more compassionate place, hoping to level the playing field for all. Uniting her background in writing and her firm belief that what and how we consume can make or break civilization and the health of our planet. Constantly striving to be a better human, Shellyfish uses her powers for good and not evil as a lanugage teacher by day (and evening), and she spends her 'copious free time' (note: ironic) running, practicing yoga, and striving to become more accomplished in the vegan kitchen. Always wanting to learn new things (currently I'm trying to learn to knit/crochet/sew), Shellyfish loves without restraint her husband Mr. Fish and her daughter, the Guppy, and they live happily together in France.
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