This Week’s Training

Here’s a look at what I’m planning on doing this week :

Monday : 6mi/9.65km run, strength training & 30 minutes yoga

Tuesday : 8mi/12.9km run a.m., 4mi/6.4km run p.m.

Wednesday : 7mi/11km run, strength training

Thursday : 8mi/12.9km run, 30 minutes yoga

Friday : 7mi/11km run a.m., strength training, 3mi/4.8km run p.m.

Saturday : possible 4mi/6.4km run or off day

Sunday : Long run – 13mi/21km




About shellyfish

Part punk-rock, part academic, totally vegan, Shellyfish fights to make the world a more compassionate place, hoping to level the playing field for all. Uniting her background in writing and her firm belief that what and how we consume can make or break civilization and the health of our planet. Constantly striving to be a better human, Shellyfish uses her powers for good and not evil as a lanugage teacher by day (and evening), and she spends her 'copious free time' (note: ironic) running, practicing yoga, and striving to become more accomplished in the vegan kitchen. Always wanting to learn new things (currently I'm trying to learn to knit/crochet/sew), Shellyfish loves without restraint her husband Mr. Fish and her daughter, the Guppy, and they live happily together in France.
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3 Responses to This Week’s Training

  1. Okay, this is definitely what I need to do – post my training intentions before I know how busy my week is going to be. Because really, my week is *always* going to be busy, right? I just need to put my training on the calendar, like everything else.

    • shellyfish says:

      That’s what I do, and it really helps. I always have the month’s training (or next 4 months…) up on the wall & in my agenda. It’s like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, etc., right?

      • ABSOLUTELY! It’s so lame, but ever since having my kiddo I’ve been organizationally challenged. Everything outside *my* life is perfectly planned and synchronized, but I need to start putting that sort of energy into myself!

        But 4 months? Whoa. Then again, that’s what I ask of all the people I coach. Guess it’s time to listen to my own advice. 😉

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