Monday 10/1

A slower-than planned run (below 0°c and I just don’t function well), still a solid 6.8mi/11km run.  I’d planned to do a little less, but ended up taking a detour.

Solid strength training & Abs session : about 45 minutes.  I only give myself about 30 seconds or less between sets, so it really keeps my HR stoked after my run (since I just do some light stretches and change into some dry clothes after my run, then grab the dumb bells!).  My abs have been so sore it’s been funny – I haven’t had sore abs in forever, so it’s a great feeling.  I wonder which exercise I did that worked them just right…


About shellyfish

Part punk-rock, part academic, totally vegan, Shellyfish fights to make the world a more compassionate place, hoping to level the playing field for all. Uniting her background in writing and her firm belief that what and how we consume can make or break civilization and the health of our planet. Constantly striving to be a better human, Shellyfish uses her powers for good and not evil as a lanugage teacher by day (and evening), and she spends her 'copious free time' (note: ironic) running, practicing yoga, and striving to become more accomplished in the vegan kitchen. Always wanting to learn new things (currently I'm trying to learn to knit/crochet/sew), Shellyfish loves without restraint her husband Mr. Fish and her daughter, the Guppy, and they live happily together in France.
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