This week’s training…

A day late, but not a workout short, here’s this week’s plan :

Monday : 7mi recovery run.

Tuesday : 8.5mi run, strength training

Wednesday : 1st run- 400m repeats, w/warm-up & cool down (if the track is open, hoping), run totaling about 6mi.  2nd run- easy 4mi recovery run.

Thursday : 7mi run, strength training, yoga

Friday : Tempo run, w/warm up & cool down totaling 6 or 7mi, strength training.

Saturday : 4mi or off from running, yoga.

Sunday : 12mi long run, yoga.

I’m feeling frustrated because I’m really having a difficult time fitting everything in right now, especially because the only track (ie: only safe, flat place to run splits) is constantly being used by the neighbouring lycée. It doesn’t seem to be lit in the morning – I would be willing to wake up at crazy hours of the morning to get my speed work fix, but I can’t run there in the early morning or evening because the route is too dark/dangerous/not lit.  These are the frustrations of chosing a rural lifestyle I suppose.

The other frustration is fitting yoga in…still working on that one!

See you tomorrow for Monday – Wednesday’s workouts!


About shellyfish

Part punk-rock, part academic, totally vegan, Shellyfish fights to make the world a more compassionate place, hoping to level the playing field for all. Uniting her background in writing and her firm belief that what and how we consume can make or break civilization and the health of our planet. Constantly striving to be a better human, Shellyfish uses her powers for good and not evil as a lanugage teacher by day (and evening), and she spends her 'copious free time' (note: ironic) running, practicing yoga, and striving to become more accomplished in the vegan kitchen. Always wanting to learn new things (currently I'm trying to learn to knit/crochet/sew), Shellyfish loves without restraint her husband Mr. Fish and her daughter, the Guppy, and they live happily together in France.
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