5/1 Wednesday

Easy 7.5mi/12km run.  Feeling yesterday’s strength training, which is a good thing, but decided to keep it mellow today and not run the planned 30sec repeats.

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Monday 3/1 & Tuesday 4/1

I know I have a few weeks of back-posting to get caught up on, but for now, here’s what this week has been so far :

Monday 3/1/2011

Easy 6mi/9.7km run

I felt great, but was surprised by the cold (1°c) and probably should have come home to change, but didn’t.  Enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

Tuesday 4/1/11

Easy 8mi/12.8km run with Monsieur A., who I will blog about more very soon.  We gabbed the entire time, so definitely an easy run.  Still very cold, I think only about 4°c.

Circuit training session just after run- 6 abs exercises, 3xs through, then 12 strength exercises, 3xs through.  Felt so good to get my first strength session in after nearly 2 weeks of only running.

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Recovery Run & Strength Training

Workout : recovery run after yesterday’s long run

Distance : 6mi/9.65km

Pace : Not sure since I’m still running sans my Polar, but according to my cell phone I ran about an 1h03min, so that’s putting me at about a 10:30mi or 6:30km per minute pace – about what I’m looking for recovery-wise.

Weather : Was thrown off by the heat. Usually early-morning runner, I dress for chilly temps, but with school holidays my run was postponed to a sunny and warm afternoon.  I was very overdressed and though I shed a layer, was still over-heated.  Don’t get me wrong, the heat is great, I just need to pay more attention to the weather!

Feeling : Felt a little tired, actually, but strong.  I’m not a fan of running in the early afternoon, I always feel a drag, but it was good as it kept me from going too quickly.

Workout : Circuit training – 6 abs exercises, 3x, then 12 over-all strength exercises, 3x.

Feeling : Good/normal. I change-up the exercises pretty regularly, but feel like I need a new challenge.  May switch things around again soon, maybe to a strength training DVD, just to keep from getting board.

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Weekly Totals & Seasonal Frustration



Running Totals week December 16-19

Monday : 8km/5mi

Tuesday : 11.4km/7.11mi

Wednesday :  9.65km/6mi

Thursday : 13km/8.11mi

Friday : 11.95km/7.43mi (wonky distance – small jog w/Sam after run)

Saturday : 6.4km/4mi

Sunday : 12.75mi/20.5km


Week’s Total Distance : 81.11km/50.4mi





Strength Training Totals

Monday : 1 45-minute circuit session

My goals for this week were 3 strength training sessions (my usual), 3 yoga sessions (slipping, I admit) and a 52mi/83.68km distace week in running. As you can see from the above totals, this didn’t happen.

I had two runs (Saturday and Sunday) fall shorter than planned : Saturday was bad timing, Sunday was a distance mis-calculation.  That sort of thing doesn’t usually happen as I can usually see my distance on my watch with my footpod, but my watch still hasn’t come back from being serviced.

With holiday gift-making, helping out at Guppy’s school with various seasonal events (including all-day Friday) have had me stretched for time, and I know that I need to keep some perspective – 2 years ago this time I was in a cast and couldn’t walk without crutches, and last year at this time I was just barely getting back on my feet.  I’m happy I could do what I did this week, but sure wish it could have been more.

This coming week is going to be yet even crazier as we’ll be heading out of town for a few days for the Christmas holiday, and probably driving back home on Sunday.  I’m not sure how the long run is going to happen, if it does, or how I’ll juggle my schedule to make it work.

How do you deal with training over the holiday season?

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Monday : Recovery Run & Strength Circuit

Easy 5mi/8km recovery run after yesterday’s long run.


Felt really good and  needed to keep myself from going too fast.  That’s the handicap of running with the footpod – it gives me my pace, and I can see from today’s run that I’m relying on it too much and not enough on feeling.

Strength Training & Abs Circuit : 6 abs exercises, 3 cycles. 12 over-all strength exercises, 3 cycles through. About 45 minutes.


I’m trying hard not to think about pace or speed for the next few weeks.  I want to continue building distance back up to a solid 50mi/80km so that when January arrives I can work my regular speed work back in.  I may still do a “gentle-tempo” run on Thursdays, not sure.


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Sunday : The long run…

It’s time to dust off the training blog, I do believe.  To be honest, I was rather superstitious about it, and though my training has resumed and I’m nearly as fit as I was “before the accident”, I’m still not 100% yet.  I’ve got some big projects lined up for 2011, though, and can’t wait to share them with you!

Because I spent much of the week before last dealing with a nasty cold and only logging about 15mi/24km, this was a lower total-distance week, but with a full-on long run today.  I didn’t do any cross-training/speed work at all this past week, trying to use all available energy on getting this bug out of my system, and I’m happy to say it worked.

Monday : timid 5mi/8km

Tuesday : 7mi/11.2km

Wednesday : off – complete rest

Thursday : 6.3mi/10km

Friday : 8mi/12.87km

Saturday : 4mi/6.4km (This was supposed to be a 6mi/10km day, but commitments got in the way.)

Sunday : 13.6mi/21.8km

Lower over-all distance of 43.9mi/70km – and yes, had I realised it would be 43.9, I would have run the extra .10!

Just a few words about today’s run, because this is the long-run re-cap after all…

I felt great today.  I was a little concerned about the cold, because we’ve had a sudden drop in temps and while 5°c isn’t cold for many, it’s a big jump for me.  I could just feel from the first 10 minutes that it was going to be a great run.

The wonky distance is due to the fact that my Polar (I have a foot-pod, not a GPS) is in the shop for a battery change/maintenance, so I was just going for things by feel.  I had a pretty good idea that I was around a 12mi run, but clearly was a bit over.

I did, however, under-estimate my nutrition as I’d only brought water.  I really started bonking around mile 11, and would have probably been fine with a sports drink rather than just H20.  I think the cold caught me by surprise.

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Trying to get off the bench.


20 Minutes Ashtanga Yoga

freeweights Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, Workout 1

It’s been a very difficult month, well, 5 weeks…ok who are we kidding? How about nearly year? I am trying to gently ease my way off the bench, even though I am still far from ok. Whatever is wrong is definitely soft-tissue related, and even after taking nearly two weeks off (there have been a few unrecorded runs and cross training sessions since my last entry) nothing seems to be getting better. I know stress has a lot to do with it, but to get rid of the stress I need to exercise… evil cycle of doom!

We’ll see how this feels tomorrow.

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